Hope for progress on Bank Walk

Parts of walk closed due to collapse

Hope for progress on Bank Walk

There's growing concern in Donegal town that part of the popular Bank Walk may remain closed off for the foreseeable future.

Locals and visitors alike have enjoyed the scenic walk along Donegal Bay since the middle of the 1800s.

In recent years, the paths were well improved with resurfacing works and the erection of benches and fences.

The paths were further enhanced last autumn, when students at the Royal & Prior in Raphoe, inspired by local man Seamus Maguire, built a number of fairy houses along the routes.

Nevertheless, ongoing mudslides and erosion have caused ongoing problems.

Writing in the Donegal Democrat this week, Paddy Meehan said the pathways “are in imminent danger of collapse” and warned of “serious consequences” if they are not shored up soon.

Parts of the High Bank are currently sectioned off and he wrote of having been told that “the High Bank may never be again opened to the public.”

A local councillor, however, hopes that problems with the Lower Bank will soon be sorted. Cllr Tom Conaghan (Ind) is also confident that work will be undertaken, albeit in the medium to long term, to prevent ongoing erosion and collapse on parts of the High Bank.

“There have been ongoing problems with parts of the paths collapsing on the lower, side of the paths,” he said.

“What's different this year is that the torrential rains have caused ground to slide away from the upper/ hill side of the High Bank as well.”

Cllr Conaghan recently raised the problems with a council engineer. “They are looking at the best way to t to sort the issues out properly so that they don't keep recurring. “I've also received an undertaking that funding to carry out the works will be sought.”

He's optimistic that the Lower Bank “will be sorted fairly soon” although “it will probably take longer to deal with the High Bank”.