There is a fringe to frame every face

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By Fionnuala McGovern of Arroo Hair Salon


By Fionnuala McGovern of Arroo Hair Salon



There is a fringe to frame every face

When it comes to fringes, there is always one to suit every face shape, be it a heart, square, or round face. It can totally change your style and in some cases be quite versatile.

Generally speaking if you have a strong parting or a cow/bull's lick on your hairline then often a fringe can be a bad idea as it just wont sit straight or down, so this would be a lot of work.
For those of you lucky to have a flat hairline, a fringe can be such fun.

My advice is to go in gently and leave it longish so it wont jump straight up. Once you have established that your hair line is suitable then the world is your oyster .
I personally love cutting fringes, especially short ones, they can totally transform someone's face. I often see that people hide under a fringe, when in fact they could be going that tiny bit shorter to show off their face. It is a very personal thing but don't be afraid to have the conversation.
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Joanne has asked me: How do I keep copper highlights from fading so fast?

There are lots of products out there which have copper in them. My personal favourite is a tiny tube 5ml of Copper Pigments which costs €5 and can be added to the shampoo, conditioner or even to your hair gels and masks.
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