Try out the new grey and pastel pink tones

Huge interest in new grey tones this season

By Fionnuala McGovern


By Fionnuala McGovern



Try out the new grey and pastel pink tones

Here is this week's hair advice from Fionnuala McGovern a colour expert at the Arroo Hair Salon

A lot of people have been asking about the new Grey tones. They are great and can look very well but only if you are starting out as a blonde or have no colour in your hair.

The hair needs to be bleached up to a pale butter colour and this is not possible if you have already have your hair dyed a light brown or darker. Another fabulous colour which is hitting the catwalks is the Pastel pink.

Age friendly
This colour is quite forgiving and can look good at every age. Although if you are in the older age bracket it might suit you better to have some panels of pink. Your hairdresser can advise you. Even if these colours don't appeal to you, there are so many great colours on our colour charts.
Recently I have placed a couple of panels of an iced coffee colour on the fringe area. My client was delighted as she had just left all her colour grow out and felt a bit washed out looking.
Another of my customers gets a panel of a deep red almost purple and this looks really good on her blonde hair. It also makes her feel great which is the whole point...

Tangled hair advice

This week, I received a phone call from a lady wondering why her 8-year-old child's hair is so tangly and how can she avoid the tears every morning.
Young girls hair is often tangled as it is so fine. Like silk threads I would compare it to. The best advice is not to have the hair too long. Keep it above the shoulder blades. Also there are brushes now called Tangle teasers. I like the ones with handles as these are easier for the child to use. And lastly a spray in moisture can be very effective. These can be purchased in your hairdressers or some chemists.