MARKSMAN - How the Donegal players rated against Longford in the Qualifiers

Peter Campbell


Peter Campbell

MARKSMAN  - How the Donegal players rated against Longford in the Qualifiers

Martin McElhinney . . . Donegal's best performer

Mark Anthony McGinley: Nothing much to do in this game but handled most things well. 7
Paddy McGrath: One of Donegal’s more dynamic performers. He handled the Longford dangerman and also got forward on numerous occasions. 7.5
Neil McGee: A very solid display at full-back, McGee had the better of Connerton throughout. 7
Caolan Ward: Got on a good bit of ball but had luck on his side on a couple of occasions in tight situations. 6
Eoin McHugh: Lively enough, the Kilcar man got through a good deal of work and hit a good point. 7
Ryan McHugh: For the second game in-a-row, this was not the Ryan McHugh that we know; very, very quiet. 5
Eoghan Bán Gallagher: Not as effective in recent games as he has been in the past. Has difficulty in making his usual breaks. 5
Jason McGee: Found it very hard to make any impression in the middle of the field and was withdrawn in second half. 5
Michael Murphy: There were rumours before the game that he wouldn’t start, but he did and while not as prominent as we have come to expect, got through a lot of work. 6.5
Michael Carroll: Like many, found it hard to get into the game in the opening half and withdrdrawn before half-time. 5
Frank McGlynn: While starting at half-forward, moved back after the throw-in and worked hard across the line. 6
Ciaran Thompson: Did a lot of good covering in first half but just cannot get into the positions where he carved out openings during league. 5.5
Martin O’Reilly: Spent most of his time up front but found it hard to make much headway. 5
Michael Langan: Made his first senior championship start, but like many found it hard to make a contribution. 5
Patrick McBrearty: Looked lively from start and while not everything came off, he was Donegal’s best forward. 7.5
Martin McElhinney: In before half-time, the St. Michael’s man gave Donegal some forward impetus and also hit two good points. 7.5
Hugh McFadden: In for Jason McGee on 48 minutes, McFadden tried hard to get to the pitch of the game. 6
Jamie Brennan: In for the last 20 minutes, Brennan got a good point. 6
Mark McHugh: In for McGlynn, the Kilcar man was not involved much in the contest. 5.5
Karl Lacey: In for Michael Langan, Lacey was involved in the best point of the game which Brennan finished. 6
Paul Brennan: Not on long enough to rate.