Donegal granny’s video goes viral

Donegal granny’s video goes viral
A Donegal granny’s hilarious go at the After Eight challenge has gone viral on YouTube.

A Donegal granny’s hilarious go at the After Eight challenge has gone viral on YouTube.

James Daly filmed his mother, Anne Daly of Ballyshannon, as she followed where many, including Wayne Rooney’s wife, had gone before.

In November, Coleen Rooney was named the winner of the challenge, which involves getting an After Eight chocolate mint from your forehead into your mouth, without using your hands, in under eight seconds.

It’s all in aid of the Marina Dalglish (wife of Kenny Dalglish) appeal to support breast cancer services.

Coleen Rooney managed the task in just three seconds.

It may have taken Anne Daly a bit longer (just under a minute), but it’s worth the extra time, just to enjoy the craic.

In the video, Anne, who is decked out in appropriately Christmassy attire, pulls lots of faces, much to the deligh of her son James and grandson Mateo Voltaire who are watching off screen.

“I love chocolate,” Anne smiles, before rolling her eyes upward and sticking her tongue out. The move provokes yet more peals of laughter from Mateo.

When someone offers advice, she replies: “It’s no fun when you’re giving orders, I don’t see much going into your mouth”, to yet more giggles.

When she succeeds in getting the chocolate into her mouth, there are yelps of triumph all round.

Anne’s grandson James is a Web and Graphic designer who graduated from IT Sligo earlier this year with a Bachelor of Science in Web Development and Creative Media.

He said the response to the video has been great. “Everyone seems to have really enjoyed it and we feel almost as if it’s been a part of everyone’s Christmas this year.

My mother is absolutely delighted.”