WOMEN’S LIVES: Questions for our election candidates

Finola Brennan


Finola Brennan

WOMEN’S LIVES: Questions for our election candidates
We are asking you to consider these points when the election candidates come to your door.

We are asking you to consider these points when the election candidates come to your door.

We have briefly outlined our own position, based on what women in Donegal have been telling us.

Please ask any candidates that are canvassing for your vote to answer some or all of these questions for you.

Value of care work

We want our elected representatives to value carers and care work as well as homemakers and provide affordable, accessible childcare for all.

Q. Do you know the cost of childcare in Donegal for a two child family is €16,500 per year after tax?

Q. What will you do to address this situation at policy level in Donegal?


We want recognition of the diverse rights of all women. It is unlawful to discriminate on gender, marital status, family status, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, religious belief, or membership of the Traveller community.

Q. What will you do to ensure that Travellers are provided with adequate and transient and permanent site accommodation? Q. In the upcoming referendum on same sex marriage, how will you ensure a balanced debate in Donegal?


We want education for all, not just for the elite. We want respect for and accessible life-long learning in our communities for all those aged three to 93, from pre-school to university.

Q. What will you do to provide more community childcare facilities so that women can avail of back to education opportunities and work?


We want a just law for women, a legal system that is consistent and justice that is gender sensitive to the rights of women.

Q. Would you be willing to support us in ensuring that no woman is homeless in Donegal regardless of residency status (Habitual Residency)?


Elected representatives should hear what your local community is saying and provide public services which are appropriate, accessible, affordable and accountable.

Q. Will you engage with the Donegal Women’s Network and keep us informed of what is happening locally and seek our involvement in your consultations?


We want equal representation on local and central governing bodies, implementation of The Women’s Stragety and recognition of the role and work of the National Community Collective of Women’s Networks .

Q. Why would we vote for your party if they have not offered us the choice of voting for a woman?

Q. Women have said they want to see women candidates on the ballot paper. What actions will your party take to ensure this happens for the General Election?


Q. Given that Donegal has such a high number of people on the live register how will your party ensure that social welfare is protected from further cuts?


Q. Have you or will you sign up to the MAN-UP Campaign? Details at www.manup.ie.

Q. Donegal Domestic Violence service has recently expanded the number of accommodation units it supplies yet there has been no further increase in financial support from Donegal County Council, how will you address this?


We want free universal health care for all.

Q. Will you work to ensure that the proposed free universal health scheme becomes a reality or at least for those who are not able to afford health insurance?

Know what you want to ask before candidates knock at your door.