Huge crowds head for Ali Baba in Ramelton

Huge crowds head for Ali Baba in Ramelton
There was a fantastic crowd at the first night of Ramelton Panto on Monday night and this ‘institution’ in the arts calendar didn’t disappoint with colour, wit, song, dance and one or two very unique one liners that had the audience rolling with laughter.

There was a fantastic crowd at the first night of Ramelton Panto on Monday night and this ‘institution’ in the arts calendar didn’t disappoint with colour, wit, song, dance and one or two very unique one liners that had the audience rolling with laughter.

The show runs until Saturday 1st March (Sunday excluded) and with a near sell-out crowd in place last night, the advice is to book your tickets to avoid disappointment.

This year’s production has got everything from garters to gussets and from villains to 40 thieves and not a Garda whistleblower in sight.

And nobody does it better than the Ramelton Pantomime Society. After all they’ve got fifty rustic seasons of experience behind them... oh yes they have and 2014 has many surprises in store.

There is a strong cast of characters and a great chorus who have such wonderful exuberance and they’ll just steal your heart away.

Sunny Baghdad is the ideal highly organised family resort, particularly for those in search of hilarious adventure. The accommodation is excellent, with constant hot and cold running sand and single Bedouins in every room. Tony and Mickey and the carpenters at the Town Hall have everything under control and soon the transformation of the stage and settings will be complete.

You’ll find bargains galore in the old bazaar: you can get your hair cut at Ali Baba’s for a penny or your throat cut by El Scorpio for nothing. And if you’re really lucky Kevin and Marie might just sell you a ticket for the Bazaar draw: only a fiver.

If you fancy a bite to eat, try Fatima’s snake pie: it’s Ramelton’s newest all singing and dancing fast-food palace but not really a patch on Steve’s.

Get your teeth into the festive fare fast before it gets it’s teeth into you!

Sightseeing couldn’t be easier ... you can get involved in the entire local colour without leaving your seat. But if it’s excitement you’re after, why not join the intrepid Pollyanna Jones and her father on a treasure hunt? They’re seeking the ‘Tomb of Doom’ and need lots of help avoiding thieves and ancient curses.

The ‘Tap Dance of the Seven Veils’ is worth waiting for and all is revealed... amid drama and mysterious clamour.

Poor Ali Baba is worried that the evil El Scorpio and his 40 thieves will steal the little money he has saved to pay his property tax and water charges. While trying to avoid the advances of Fatima Kebab, Ali attempts to help the intrepid Professor Jones and his daughter Polyanna find the cursed tomb of King Pomegranate: this is no easy task so be warned.

Pantomimes are great fun for the whole family. We invite you to bring the kids or grandkids to see this great show full of colour, character and much more.

There is a traditional script with the right amount of corny jokes and a team of actors who are determined to enjoy themselves. And they are sure to set the isles rocking with song, dance, laughter and merriment as we all head down town... not to the Mall but to Dear Old Baghdad and beyond to share in an Oriental experience.

Ali Baba himself is played by Damien Duffy, while Tommy Logan as Kasim Baba (or the dastardly El Scorpio in his alter ego) will be guaranteed to be greeted by boos every time that he appears on stage.

The Dear Old Dame Fatima Kebab, a real ‘Dame Edna’ character, gives James Friel the chance to milk plenty of nods and winks and raise a few eyebrows with her garb and makeup.

Irene Haggan is the principal boy, Rhum Baba and enjoys her pursuit of Polly Jones (played by Danielle O’Neill) and both girls are going to bring a new dimension to the show. They’ve been in sparkling form in the rehearsals in the tay room of recent weeks. And after many adventures everything will turn out okay in the end.

Polly’s father (Martin Duffy) plays the part of Prof. Jones, an archaeologist and Martin can be depended on to bring the part alive.

And now for something completely different: The mysterious Fortune Teller (Brian Winston) seems to get all his predictions right.

El Scorpio’s henchmen (two of the forty thieves) Bubbles -Mickey McHugh and Squeak - Dermot Mills get most things wrong and it would be surprising if it was otherwise. These two characters are a huge part of the panto tradition in Ramelton and are dearly loved for their bumbling and official creators of mayhem for the two weeks.

Olive Baba (Catriona McCafferty) has both good and bad fortunes befall her as the story progresses. She was the big hit of last year’s 50th production and I expect no less this time around.

There are the members of the adult chorus and the children’s chorus to do some dancing and a well-bandaged Mummy makes a few appearances too.