Rebecca Morrow is Summer League Champion at Deane’s of Bruckless


Staff reporter


Staff reporter

After six weeks of fantastic riding Rebecca Morrow was crowned Champion Rider at the Final of the Summer League at Deanes Equestrian Centre. A total of 6 riders were still in contention for the Champion Rider ‘Alan Deane Memorial Cup’ after the final round of jumps. So the pressure was on and tension was high amongst the riders and horses to decide each class and the overall champion rider.

There was another great display of riding from our Junior Riders as they all went clear and picked up some well deserved prizes. Plenty of sweat and elbow grease went into preparing for the show and the horses and riders were well turned out. Congratulations to Holly Bradley, Dominika Czibla, Sinead Murray, Dean Burgess, Ariana Beales and Amy Boal.

The first challenge of the day took place in the 60cm class and it came down to 3 riders for the Jump Off course. The course selected was challenging and twisty but with plenty of opportunity for short cuts, if you dared. Rebecca Morrow riding Kathie Boyle’s horse Uisce set the early pace with an amazing time of 38.47secs. That was going to be tough to beat. Clodagh Brady on Sprite and Hollie Bradley on Tilly had a good go but couldn’t get close to her time. So 1st Rebecca Morrow on Uisce, 2nd Clodagh Brady on Sprite and 3rd Hollie Bradley on Tilly.

The 70cm class was decided by a clear round on the day so no need for a jump off. 1st place went to Clodagh Brady on Sprite, 2nd Lucy Stewart on Dedo.

The 80cm class was a hotly contested affair with 4 riders making it to the Jump Off round and boy did they try to out do each other. First into the arena was Chloe Gauducheau on Lacey, she set a fine benchmark time going clear in a time of 48.28secs. Next up was Rebecca Morrow on her pony Lincoln, she already knew the jump off course from the earlier class. She set off like a bat from hell turning on the spot after each jump, the clock stopped at 36.97secs as she crossed the line. Marie Molloy on Melody had a great shot at the time 38.50secs but picked up 4 faults at fence 4. Charlie Vial on Vancouver Cruise was last in, determined to set a good time on the big horse. But his luck was not in as he too knocked fence 4 for 4 faults but a quick time of 37.88secs. So 1st place to Rebecca Morrow on Lincoln, 2nd to Chloe Gauducheau on Lacey and 3rd to Charlie Vial Vancover Cruise.

The 90cm class came down to 2 riders Charlie Vial and Marie Molloy both making it to the Jump Off. Marie was determined to finish ahead of Charlie this time and was first into the arena. She set a good time of 39.90secs but most importantly was clear. So the challenge was up to Charlie and he took to it with delight, flying around the course as Marie watched from the wings, he crossed the line and beat her by a nose in a time of 39.28secs.  1st place to Charlie Vial on Vancouver Cruise, 2nd  to Marie Molloy on Melody.

The 1m and 1.10m Class were decided by Clear rounds on the day and they both went to Bruce Vial on his horse Whitepark Cruise.

A fantastic day was had by all riders and many thanks to all those who helped out and our Judge for the day Alax Deane. Congratulations to Rebecca Morrow and her pony Lincoln who is our Summer League Champion Rider and was presented the ‘Alan Deane Memorial Cup’ by his grandson, Dean Burgess.



Clear Rounds

Starter Stakes Joint 1st

Dominika Czibla, Charlie, Mountcharles

Sinead Murray, George, Mountcharles

Dean Burgess, Truffles, Bruckless

Hollie Bradley, Spirit, Inver

Best turned out to Hollie Bradley, runners up Dominika, Sinead & Dean


1st place & best turned out prize Arianna Beales, Rosie, Ballybofey


1st place Amy Boal, Meenarillagh, Mountcharles

60cm Class

1st Rebecca Morrow, Uicse, Donegal Town

2nd Clodagh Brady, Haileys Comet, Kilcar

3rd Hollie Bradley, Tilly, Inver

4th Dominika Czibla, Meenarilagh, Mountcharles

70cm Class

1st Clodagh Brady, Haileys Comet, Kilcar

2nd Lucy Stewart, Dedo, Mountcharles

On the Day not qualified for league .

1st Joanna Langley, Shanbo, Dublin

2nd Amelie Polanova, Vikki, Czech Republic

3rd Elizabeth Smith, Rocky,

80cm Class

1st Rebecca Morrow, Lincoln, Donegal

2nd Chloe Gauchucheau, Lacey, La Rochelle

3rd Charlie Vial, Vancour Cruise, Drumanoo

4th Marie Molloy, Melody, Narin

On the day not qualifed for the league

1st Amelie Polanova, Vikki, Czech Republic

1st Victorie Polanova, Buddy,Czech Republic

90cm Class

1st Charlie Vial, Vancour Cruise, Drumanoo

2nd Marie Molloy, Melody, Narin

1st Ally McClay, Freya, Laghey,

1st Victorie Polanova, Buddy,Czech Republic

1m Class

1st Bruce Vial, Whitepark Cruise, Drumanoo

2nd Amy Gardner, Ruby, Rockhill

1,10m Class

1st Bruce Vial, Whitepark Cruise, Drumanoo

2nd  Bruce Vial, Vancour Cruise, Drumanoo