Winter Showjumping League reaches half-way stage at Deane's, Bruckless

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

We have reached the half way point of the Winter Showjumping League and it is still wide open with plenty of riders in contention.
In the Starter Stakes Rhannion Fergus on Fuzzy provided a great start to the day with a lonely clear round. Bronagh Carrother was once again clear on Meenarillagh collecting another clear round rosette for her wall.
The 50cm class had a total of 5 riders going clear, the first to go clear was Danielle Greeen riding Uisce in her first competition. Ally McClay on Spirit jumped a great ground. While Katie Boyd on Meenarillagh flew around the course to pick up a clear round rosette. Rebecca Morrow on Lincoln jumped well but had to work hard while it was a lovely clear round by Bo Lynch on her smashing pony Murphy.
In the 60cm class Rebecca Morrow on Lincoln were clear for their second rosette of the day while Tango had a double clear as she took Freya Moohan and Hollie Bradley around the course with ease.
In the 70cm class Amy Gardner on Tilly didn’t repeat their slow start of last week and they flew around the course and jumped a lovely clear round. Ally McClay on Dottie showed their confidence growing as they took on the challenging course and jumped a fantastic clear round.
The 80cm class had 4 clear rounds and they went to Ally McClay this time riding Daisy, Andrea Greene on Snookie and Lucy Stewart riding Dedo. The other clear round went to Cyndi Graham on Dougal who flew around the course and jumped with ease making it look easy.
In the 90cm class three riders jumped clear and the honours went to Andrea Greene this time riding Harry. Charlie Vial on Buddy made up for the earlier mistakes in the 70cm class and jumped a super clear round. Hannah Marie Slater was in action on her new pony Shelby and they had a fantastic clear round.
In the 1m class Lauren Bradley took Shelby around the course and once again came home with a clear round rosette. Marie Molloy on Ruby made up for her earlier mistake and picked up a clear round rosette for a lovely round of jumps. While Lauren Bradley was back into the arena this time riding Buddy and also picked another clear round rosette.
The Winter League continues next Sunday 5th February and runs for 3 more Sundays with a break on the 26th February and Final is on 5th March.

Clear rounds
Starter stakes
Dean Burgess, Bruckless, Truffles
Bronagh Carrothers, Anagaire, Meenarillagh
Amy Gardner, Rockhill, Little Charlie
Rhannion Fergus, Kay’s Equestrian, Fuzzy
Shauna Monaghan, Ballyshannon, Poodlebug
Ally McClay, Rockhill, Spirit
Amy Gardner, Rockhill, Uisce
Katie Boyd, Dunkineely, Meenarillagh
Cora Doherty, Glenties, Meenarillagh
Hollie Bradley, Inver, Bertie
Danelle Greene, Laghey, Uisce
Boe Lynch, Kay’s Equestrian, Murphy
Rebecca Morrow, Donegal, Lincoln
Shauna Monaghan, Ballyshannon, Poodlebug
Hollie Bradley, Inver ,Tango
Rebecca Morrow, Donegal, Lincoln
Freya Moohan, Frosses, Tango
Amy Gardner, Rockhill, Tilly
Ally McClay, Rockhill, Dottie
Andrea Greene, Dungloe, Snookie
Ally McClay, Rockhill, Daisy
Cyndi Graham, St.John’s Pt, Dougal
Lucy Stewart, Mountcharles, Dedo
Andrea Greene, Dungloe, Snookie
Hannah Marie Slater, Killaghtee, Shelby
Charlie Vial, Killybegs, Buddy
Marie Molloy, Narin, Ruby
Lauren Bradley, Inver, Shelby
Lauren Bradley, Inver, Buddy