PICTURE SPECIAL: Fans meet up with Daniel at McElhinney's

A Chritmas Meet and Greet with Daniel O'Donnell

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Daniel O'Donnell's generosity with his time was once again at McElhinney’s in Ballybofey when the Kincasslagh man just sat and chatted with hundreds of his fans who had travelled to the store to meet with him before Christmas.
The event, a simple “meet and greet” was organised by the innovative team at McElhinney’s and given that Daniel was not at home this Christmas, it gave his fans the opportunity to drop in and have a chat.
McElhinney’s is a regular stopping point for the Kincasslagh man as indeed is very evident from the sartorial elegance he always displays.
When most people were just panicking, out there buying probably 10 litres of milk, sliced pans etc., for what is essentially one day, Daniel had that air of calmness about him.
Time meant nothing, he provided that listening ear and I know from the expressions on quite a few faces that many may have been stories of loved ones that passed on while others may have been great tales of joyful moments.
The remarkable thing is that Daniel has that remarkable ability to take everything on board without being judgemental, he is one of those people that you could tell your innermost secret, a confessor.
To John, Sandra and Ruth and all the team at McElhinney’s they must be complimented. This was not a money making exercise and at a time when retailers throughout the country would be more interested in the sound of the tills ringing, the were simply giving something back to their customers.

Photos: Matt Britton