The very best of Riverdance comes to Donegal
Celebrating numerous world championships at Harvey's Point Hotel

Exclusive pictures from the Champions of Champions Banquet where World Champions Emily Colangelo and Gerard Byrne were joined by over 300 of their colleagues in a banquet of celebration.

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


It was a proud night for the teachers and mentors of McNelis Cunningham School of Dance when  present and former students, many who have gone on to dance with Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Heartbeat from Home and Titanic Dance all gathered  together to celebrate a year when Gerard Byrne and Emily Colangelo both took the World Globes from the United States.

Indeed these were only two - many other champions from the UK and Ireland and the US were all present for what was one great dance party. The present lead dancer Amy Mae Dolan managed to get away and join the party. 

There is no doubt about is but these people are not just committed dances but one great family.