John's huge 100th birthday celebration in Glenties

Brigid and John were married 74 years in February

Michelle NicPhaidin


Michelle NicPhaidin


Over 150 people travelled from across the county and country to be present at John Hegarty's 100th birthday party which was held in Glenties recently.
The centenarian was delighted with the number of people who managed to make his very special day.
On the morning of his birthday, Friday, June 22nd, John got up in great spirits and got into his jeep and drove over and back the street.
He then arrived at his birthday bash early and stayed for around twelve hours. During that time, John enjoyed the craic and even joined his nephews for a song or two.
The much-loved Glenties man had sent out 170 invitations for the big event.
His family and friends came to celebrate with John in their droves.
Mass was celebrated in the house at 2pm.
John's wife Bridget read the reflection after communion and his grandchild, Muriel said that there ‘was not a dry eye in the house.’
John and Bridget celebrated being married 74 years in February.
John and Bridget had four children, John, Christy, Laurence and Eilish.
Bridget and John have 17 grandchildren and 19 great children and are very much loved by their family.
A retired sheep farmer, John gave the responsibility of the farm to his son.
However, John kept 10 sheep and continues to go to the field with the dog.
On Thursday, John sits back in his chair and reads the 'Farmers' Journal' and his 'Donegal Democrat.
Muriel said that John loves to keep up to date with news and loves to speak to both the young and old.
“He just loves to see people coming to the house. He can speak to the young and the old. He really is in great spirits,” she said.