Spring and Summer fashion at McElhinney’s of Ballybofey

Matt Britton


Matt Britton


Though it may not feel like it today with Siberian beasts and Storm Emma just about to leave us, the bright and fresh colours of spring and summer made a welcome return to Donegal last week when McElhinney’s of Ballybofey unveiled their new collection for the seasons ahead.

If ever a touch of colour therapy was required then the team at McElhinney’s had their timing off to a tee.
After an autumn and winter preoccupied with weather warnings, wind, rain and snow, last Thursday evening reminded us all that there are better times ahead.

Like all things in McElhinney’s the creative team had put their own individual stamp on the event.
The red carpeted ramp was dispatched to the stores only to be replaced by their towering and light filled escalators providing the models with the ideal platform to showcase the superb creations.

The theme of the evening was very much along the lines - be individual, discover your own mantra, be bold - and the exquisite range of garments reinforced this message.
Black was not the new black - that had also gone to the stores with the ramp to be replaced by bold orange, fresh pastels, raspberries, nautical looks portraying the beach-side New England summers, stripes, both horizontal and vertical, florals and even some great checks.

In fashion there is that well known phrase - you only get one opportunity to make a first impression and McElhinney’s have certainly created this lasting impression with this collection.
What made the whole collection even more appealing was that all the garments were showcased by their own team of local models-in itself, this says something.

They were not overawed by the bright colours or the individuality of cut and design - they were comfortable in their own skins.
This, in itself is a great endorsement of all the research that Eilish Kennedy, the Creative Director and all her team put into this collection - one that is going to brighten up our lives for many months to come.
Well done to everyone involved on what was a fantastic event.