The Rollin’ Clones at The Balor

The Rollin Clones play The Balor this Thursday.

The Rollin Clones play The Balor this Thursday.

There’s a rockin’ tribute to the daddy of all rock bands this Thursday at the Balor Arts Centre.

As the Rolling Stones enter their 50th year, The Rollin’ Clones celebrate 15 years on the go as the absolute best of all Rolling Stones tribute acts.

From Brown Sugar to Paint It Black, Sympathy For The Devil to Satisfaction, all the standards are recreated in loving detail.

The Rollin’ Clones deliver a rich feast of masterly musicianship with a generous side order of humour and real affection for their idols.

With a back catalogue the size of The Stones to work from, the night is never long enough.

Book now on 074 913 1840 or balorartscentre.com




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