Magh Ene side were all outstanding - Gilmartin

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  • by Peter Campbell, Sports Editor

The Magh Ene coaches James Gilmartin and Fergal O’Flaherty can take great credit for the performance of Magh Ene in their first ever Ulster final win over Largy College, Clones in Armagh on Thursday.

The Bundoran College looked a classy outfit and there will be great benefit to the players and the clubs who supplied them - Bundoran, Melvin Gaels and St. Maolaise Gaels.

“We have done a good bit of work in the school with them, myself and Fergal O’Flaherty,” said the Magh Ene coach, James Gilmartin, after the win.

“They got a good bit of football this year and you could see it there in them, always looking up when on the ball; all working for each other. You would be very proud of them today,” said James.

“It’s days like these that you remember in school life, because a lot of life can pass you back. You will always remember these days.”

The Magh Ene coach said they were very happy with the first half outcome and talked about it at half-time.

“We talked at half-time about making moments for themselves. We had some great moments in the first half, blocks and kicks. We commended them about that. And that’s what football’s about, making moments for yourself. We asked them to do the same in the second half,” said James.

“Shane Carr led by example. He chased every ball; he mightn’t have had a hope of getting near it, but he put enough pressure on to let the corner back get out in front when it went in. That’s what we’ve been trying to push into them all year,” said James, who said it would be unfair to single out any player.

“They were all outstanding. It was mighty!”


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