Science week in Donegal

More than 7 individual events in Donegal have been registered so far as part of Science Week 2012 ‘Everyday Experimenting’, which takes place nationwide from 11th – 18th November.

Science Week 2012 ‘Everyday Experimenting’ aims to demonstrate that you are a part of Science. You are constantly experimenting. From attempting a new level on a game, to trialling a new recipe and even embarking on a first date – these are everyday experiments!

Events in Donegal include:

· Science Magic by W5. W5 will be hosting free shows for primary school students through out Science Week at the Aura Leisure Centre in Letterkenny.

· Central library in Letterkenny will be hosting ‘Force of Course’ a free show that will explore Newton’s three laws of motion with this show using simple items like balloons, footballs and cat flaps, as well as some really high-tech gadgetry!

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