Funeral fit for a movie star as Glenties bids farewell to Mary Mick

The late Mary 'Mick' Gallagher of Glen Road, Glenties.

The late Mary 'Mick' Gallagher of Glen Road, Glenties.

Last Saturday morning at 12 noon, the town of Glenties witnessed a really unique and uplifting funeral for a wonderfully special lady - Mary ‘Mick’ Gallagher from the Glen Road.

It was just such a real joy from the beginning of Mass to the end. Fr Pat Prendergast made his usual excellent sermon, summing up this lady’s life as a wonderful mother to her family and a jolly and caring friend to all who knew her.

Mary’s talented family took care of the rest and, what talent! The singing from her sons and young grandchild was something else.

As for the ending, I listened to Mary’s daughter Mary telling us about her young life in America, all I could visualise was this very beautiful, stylish lady on the Titanic or some such ship, drinking cocktails with other glamorous, elegant ladies and handsome men.

Also, I recall seeing some beautiful pictures of her in the wake house so I was beginning to feel I was at the funeral of some famous movie star.

But, of course, I suspect the reality of her life was less glamorous than my imaginings, that she triumphed over many struggles in rearing her wonderful family, and what a fantastic job she made of that.

Hers was the kind of life that great authors write books about and great move directors make Oscar-winning films from.

May this beautiful lady rest in peace.

- Brian McDevitt




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