Victims feel let down by system as no reports are published

Derek Mulligan

Derek Mulligan

Victims of paedophile Michael Ferry have hit out at government ministers for failing to publish reports in relation to their abuse.

Victims and their families claim that they have sustained “three cruel blows” this week.

Earlier this week, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) directed that no prosecution be taken against the three directors of Colaiste Cholmcille in regard to the employment of Michael Ferry.

Michael Ferry, 57, of Carrick Boyle, Gaoth Dobhair, pleaded guilty to 38 sample charges of rape and 18 sex assaults committed between July 1990 and September 2005. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Ferry had been previously convicted of the sexual abuse of a boy in 2002.

Yesterday, ‘Tulsa,’ a state agency for the reform of child protection, issued a statement which read: “The Child and Family Agency have no plans to publish the report at the moment. The report is being reviewed internally and the matter is under consideration.”

Yesterday evening, the Department of Justice, issued a statement which said: “As the matters which were the subject of the reports...gave rise to criminal investigations, there are no plans to publish those reports.” A mother of one of the victims said: “I am now calling on our public representatives to take action now and give us the answers that we deserve. To treat victims in this manner is disgraceful. Everyone has suffered, is suffering and will continue to suffer if we don’t get the answers we deserve.”

Victim Derek Mulligan said he was shocked and horrified to learn that reports would not be published.

He said: “The government ministers were quick to give the appropriate sound bites at the time and now they seem to be running for cover.

“Why are they not publishing the findings? As far as everyone was concerned, the reports were to be published and made public? Is there something to hide? If so, who or what are they hoping to protect?” he said.

Author and former Garda, Martin Ridge said that it now seems that the importance of office supercedes that of the protection of children. “It’s unacceptable,” he said.

The Fine Gael press office said that the publication of this report [HSE] “is a matter for the Child and Family Agency at this time.”


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