Vacant premises still above average

Despite recent signs of recovery in the economy the number of vacant business premises in the county is still above average.

In a report for the first quarter of the year carried out by GeoDirectory this week the number of vacant commercial premises in Donegal is still above the national average

With a vacancy rate of 13%, that’s an increase of 0.6% over the same period last year, showing vacancy continues to be a significant issue in the county.

With a vacancy rate of 13%, against a national average of 12.4%, Donegal is one of 13 counties to record a higher than average percentage rate.

1,207 of the 9,258 commercial addresses recorded in Donegal in Q1 2014 were vacant.

Sligo has the highest vacancy rate in the country at 16%, Leitrim is at 15.3%.

4.1% of the country’s vacant address points are in Donegal according to the figures, the joint fifth highest level in the country.




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