Today’s Front Page: Donegal solicitor calls for Morris Tribunal review in wake of recording at Garda stations revelations

Solicitor calls for review of Morris Tribunal.

Solicitor calls for review of Morris Tribunal.

A prominent Donegal solicitor has called for the findings of the Morris Tribunal to be revisited in the wake of the revelations about the widespread recording of phone calls to and from Garda stations.

Paudge Dorrian, who went public with claims in 2001 that conversations between solicitors and their clients were being recorded at Letterkenny Garda Station, has made the call.

Mr. Dorrian said that the revelations about the recording of phone calls vindicates himself and his client, former Garda sergeant John White, who was the source of the allegations.

“What we are looking at we feel that the entire history of the Tribunal and other matters should now be revisited by an independent tribunal, led preferably by a High Court judge from a different jurisdiction,” he said.

“We have been fighting the last ten years to get people to listen to the true version of events. We were frustrated at every step of the way. We are still fighting for the truth to be known.”

One Garda source told the Donegal Democrat that it was accepted by members working in Letterkenny Garda Station that phone calls were being recorded.

Gardaí believed that senior management were monitoring calls to ensure only work-related calls were being made but did not think at the time that phone calls made by people detained in the station were being recorded, the source said.

Donegal barrister Peter Nolan, who was involved in the case of the McBrearty family which led to the establishment of the Morris Tribunal, said yesterday that it has been known for ten years that gardaí were recording phone conversations at Letterkenny Garda Station.




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