Theft offences on increase

garda siochana

garda siochana

Theft and drugs offences in Donegal have risen considerably compared over a 12-month period, new figures have revealed.

The latest crime statistics released from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that theft offences in the county rose by 32 per cent in the third quarter of the year compared to the same time last year with the number of controlled drugs offences rising by 27 per cent.

The figures, which were released in December, show a drop in most of the other major crime types including sexual offences, assault, criminal damage, public order, burglary and drink driving - all falling over the 12 months.

The number of thefts and related offences rose from 219 to 291 between the third quarter of 2012 and the third quarter of 2013.

Thefts from shops saw the highest increase within the different categories of thefts, rising by 56 per cent to 78.

The theft or taking of a vehicle and related offences increased from 36 to 41.

Thefts from a person fell by one to six, while other thefts and the handling of stolen property rose by 30 per cent to 166. Fraud, deception and related offences increased by five per cent to 30.

The 27 per cent rise in controlled drugs offences was mostly seen in possession of drugs for personal use which increased from controlled from 43 to 5 while the possession of drugs for sale and supply increased just by one to seven. Cultivation or the manufacture of drugs was recorded three times with no occurrences of the offences in the same period in 2013.

Robbery of an establishment or institution increased from three to five while robbery, extortion and hijacking offences stayed the same at 8.

Burglary and related offences fell by 31 per cent but aggravated burglary increased from one to six while robbery of a person fell from four to three.

The number of sexual offences fell from 20 to 7 over the 12 months while harassment and related offences fell from 22 to 16.

Assault fell by 25 per cent per cent to 118 but assault causing harm rose by 2 to 48.

Kidnapping and related offences rose from one to three while dangerous or negligent acts also fell from 101 to 87. Public order offences saw a fall of 27 per cent to 319; criminal damage also saw a significant drop, falling by 25 per cent to 149 while the number of arson offences fell by three to 13.




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