The wearing of the green

Tomas Becht from Ali's Restaurant in Glenties predicts

Tomas Becht from Ali's Restaurant in Glenties predicts "Its Ireland's day" on Saturday morning and he was right !INDP 1703 Glenties 2 MVB

If ever there was a reason to celebrate our Irishness this weekend in far off Paris when Ireland clinched a thrilling match left us no excuse.

It is indeed a weekend to be proud of being Irish well this was it - we saw a last minute gasp at Cheltenham bringing us home a good share of the spoils and then in Paris in a match that would test the strongest of hearts, Brian O’Driscoll got a fairy tale send off as the French capitulated to the sheer spirit of the Irish. What a start to our national holiday.

In our Monday edition we bring you picture specials of all the parades throughout the county over the weekend sand look forwards to bringing you our special St. Patrick’s feature on Thursday next.

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