Spitting Letterkenny man "beginning, middle and end of a blaggard" - Judge Kilrane

A 19-year-old Letterkenny man who spat in the face of an innocent bystander, on St. Patrick's Day last year, was jailed for four months.

Francis McConnell of McNeely Villas, Letterkenny, appeared at Letterkenny District Court on charges of failing to comply with the direction of the Garda at Main Street, Letterkenny, on January 29 and causing a breach of the peace and being intoxicated in public at the same location on March 17.

Garda Inspector Martin Walker said on the first charge McConnell was one of a large group of youths that had congregated at the Four Lanterns restaurant at approximately 4.10am and were “causing general annoyance” to its patrons.

The group were then moved on by members of Garda but McConnell refused to leave the scene “a number of times” and was arrested.

On March 17, while Garda were on patrol on Main Street, they observed McConnell in an intoxicated condition. The court heard there was a couple standing near him and McConnell bumped against the male. The man then apologised to the defendant in a effort “to keep the peace” and following this McConnell spat in his face and verbally abused him, the Inspector said.

Solicitor Patsy Gallagher said his client suffered as a result of a “difficult separation” between his parents. He said “his behaviour was not on the high scale but the issue of repetition is a concern to the court.”

Judge Kevin Kilrane said the defendant was the “beginning, middle, and the end of a blaggard.”

“Anyone who would spit into someone's face is a blaggard. The only help he needs is prison,” he added.

He sentenced him to two months detention for causing a breach of the peace and two months to run consecutively for failing to comply with the direction of Garda.


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