Special Mass tonight to remember those lost at sea

A memorial card for the skipper and crew of the Carraig Una.

A memorial card for the skipper and crew of the Carraig Una.

There will be an open air mass tonight at 8pm at the pier in Malinbeg in memory of the crews of the Carraig Una and the Evelyn Marie, and for all fishermen who lost their lives in the seas off Donegal.

The Evelyn Marie from Killybegs sank off Rathlin O’Beirne island on January 7, 1975 with the loss of its six crew - Hugh Gallagher, Johnny O’Donnell, Roland Faughnan, Tom Ham and Joe O’Donnell. Burtonport based trawler Carraig Una foundered in waters off the same island, on November 23, 1976. All five crew members - Ted Carbery, John Boyle, Michael Coyle, Doalty O’Donnell and Anthony McLaughlin - perished. The Skifjord sank after striking a reef off Burtonport on October 31, 1981. Five of the crew - including skipper Francis Byrne from Bruckless and his 16-year old son James, as well as Desmond McGovern, Jimmy Laverty and Tony O’Brien - died in the disaster. Father and son Liam and Conor Kennedy from Port, Inver, will also be remembered at the mass. They died off Doorin Head while fishing for lobster on November 24, 2012.

This is the first time the mass, previously held in the chapel, will be held at the pier. Canon Francis McAteer will be assisted by Fr Eddie Gallagher and Fr Pat Ward, while Rev. John Deane (Church of Ireland, Ardara) and Rev. John Purdy (Methodist Church, Dunkineely) will also take part in the ceremony.




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