Sick break-in at bereaved family’s home

Gerry McMonagle

Gerry McMonagle

Intruders were interrupted last Thursday as they ransacked the Letterkenny home of a couple who were out of the country at family funeral.

The couple’s three daughters and a family friend were returning to the home on Thursday evening when they saw someone at a window of the house. By the time they entered the house, the intruders had made their escape.

The daughters burst into tears when they saw the damage the intruders caused, the friend said. He said two bedrooms had been ransacked and intruders urinated in one of the bedrooms. He said intruders gained entry by breaking a glass door at the back.

The friend said they will not be able to confirm if anything was taken until the couple returns from Ghana, where they are attending a family funeral. However, he said there was a mobile phone and computer tablet left on a table in the house, as if intruders had put aside items they planned to take before they were interrupted.

The Garda investigation into the break-in is continuing. The incident occurred Thursday evening at a house at Hazelbrook Crescent. The family friend, who lives in Meadowbank, said, “You don’t see that kind of thing” in the area.

The incident occurred as local Cllr. Gerry McMonagle was calling on Minister for Justice Alan Shatter to increase the gardaí on Letterkenny streets. He spoke after up to seven cars were broken into in Whitethorn Park last Wednesday night.

“Obviously they felt they weren’t going to be under any threat of being caught or seen,” Cllr. McMonagle said. He said, “It’s no fault of gardaí -- far from it -- they’re doing the best they can with what they have. But I’m calling on the minister to deal with the ban on recruitment.”

He also encouraged people to become more attentive to what is going on in their street, and to ring gardaí if they see anything suspicious. Cllr. McMonagle said it was important for communities to come together in neighbourhood watch groups and encouraged people to secure their cars as well as homes, saying valuables should not be left in vehicles where they could be seen.


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