“Secret Millionaire” is Ireland’s newest “Dragon”

"With modern technology, you are only just a click away from your business in today's world" Ramona Nicholas, Donegal's Dragon on RTE. 0312MVBritton

The Donegal Democrat can reveal this morning that a Donegal business woman who only made her debut on television debut just three months ago will join Ireland’s top entrepreneurs in the 2013 series of “Dragon’s Den”.
Bundoran based Ramona Nicholas, the Joint Manager of Cara who have 14 branches in the North West took time out on Friday from the company’s “Big Sale Event” to speak to this newspaper about what she herself regards as a very exciting but challenging project.

She said, “This has just all happened so quickly but I am really looking forward to getting back in front of the camera - I feel quite comfortable with it which I must confess has surprised me.

“I have been told that I have an ability to communicate on screen - I must stress that those are not my words but those of the directors! I think if you just be yourself people can see that.”

She added, “I just see this as a further development in my career, an opportunity to experience new things but also an opportunity to pass on some of my own experience to budding entrepreneurs and at the end of the day hopefully create some new and sustainable jobs.

“I would regard myself as ‘feisty’ and when people make their way up the stairs to the Den, I will be looking out for confidence, passion, self - belief and the ability to work under pressure and it goes without saying, a credible business plan.

“There is no time better than now for young entrepreneurs to enter into business - with the passion, that unique idea and the right pitch - to coin a phrase “they are just one deal away from a dream.”

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