SEAMUS DEVER - Love stories begin in Donegal

Juliana and Seamus Dever on the beach at Rossnowlagh

Juliana and Seamus Dever on the beach at Rossnowlagh

Nine years ago a young American actor and his girlfriend visited the then deserted beach of Rossnowlagh - what ensued even Hollywood couldn’t make up!

The Democrat met up with Seamus Dever and his actress wife Juliana at the Sandhouse Hotel where they were joining their many relatives from both Ballyshannon and the US in a family reunion.

Seamus is a well established actor in Hollywood and has stared in, “The Castle”, “Mad Men”, “CSI” “Hollywoodland” to name but a few. Juliana Plays his screen wife in the present series of “The Castle” which is shot in 
Los Angeles.

Seamus and Juliana had a truly great tale to tell about both the Sandhouse and 

He said, “First of all I must mention that my ancestors were actually born in this hotel when it was nothing but a small pub on a then very remote beach. The large black fireplace that is in the lobby today is the very same as what was there back in their time, I’m told.
“Nine years ago I brought my then girlfriend Juliana here for a break but little did she know that I intended proposing to her.

“I was terrified that she might stumble across the ring that I had hidden away and ruin my whole plan!”

He continued, “I took her for a walk on the beach - we had it all to ourselves on that day and I spotted this nice flat rock and just said to myself, this is it.

“We both sat down, the tide was just ebbing in as it is today and I proposed - thankfully she said yes!”

The Democrat went for a walk with Seamus and Juliana, who truly are a lovely couple in an attempt to locate that very same stone and after a bit of checking massive blocks of stone Seamus blurted, “That’s it, I’m sure!”

Unfortunately and by sheer coincidence another romantic couple were actually seated on the large flat stone but after a little skilful negotiation by the Democrat, we were able to relive that day nine years ago.

After wards the happy couple went off for a lovely long walk on the beach.

Over the last number of weeks Donegal has enjoyed the company of many well known celebrities - Paul Rudd, Peter Dinkilage and their crew in Dunkineely, Sarah Jessica Parker and her family and now the Devers.

One of the things that they have all remarked on is the fact that Donegal and indeed our people have allowed them to be themselves and are treated as one of their own. This is perhaps one of our greatest tourist assets and long may 
it continue.




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