Rottweiler banned from Donegal

Ballyshannon Court House

Ballyshannon Court House

A four year old Rottweiler that was shot after killing a neighbour’s ducks and hens has been banned from returning to Donegal.

At Ballyshannon District Court on Friday, Garda Inspector Denis Joyce said the dog was left for dead after “a drive by shooting” on June 19 last at Sheegus, Creevy, Ballyshannon.

The owner of the dog, Alicia Canavan (21) of Kierans House, Bundoran and her boyfriend Shane Mannion (22) of Ardlongfield, Ballyshannon reported that a Black Seat Leon had driven away from the scene.

Gardaí established that the car belonged to Ray Gavigan of Creevy and that his brother Brian owned a firearm. Their father John called to Ballyshannon Garda station and said that, when they discovered the Rottweiler had attacked their ducks and hens, Brian had shot the dog.

Sgt. Stewart Doyle told the court that the Gavigans’ land adjoins the house which Ms Canavan and Mr Mannion were renting at the time.

There were several witnesses to the incident, he added.

The couple were both charged with three offences in relation to the incident: control of dog, no chain or leash; uncontrolled dog, person in charge; and dog, no muzzle. They were not contesting the charges.

Sgt. Doyle said the Gavigans had been paid €100 compensation and were “happy enough” with that.

Mr Shane Mannion described the Rottweiler as “a wild placid dog”. Ms Canavan added: “I have a 5 year old nephew and the dog is brilliant with him.”

Judge Kevin Kilrane noted that Rottweilers are on the dangerous dog register. Keeping such a dog mainly indoors and on a house with just a half acre garden, was “playing with fire”, he added. “Of course it went crazy” when it was let out, he said.

He asked for a vet’s report on whether the dog was dangerous and said th e dog would have to be removed to “a proper home” if so.

Ms Canavan told him that she is now living in Omagh, and the dog is no longer in Donegal. The judge asked for an undertaking that the dog would not be “brought into the jurisdiction” and adjourned the case to December. 5.


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