Property tax ‘grossly unfair’ - Pringle

Independent TD Thomas Pringle

Independent TD Thomas Pringle

Thomas Pringle TD has criticised the details of the property tax which have been reported today calling it “grossly unfair”.,

He called on the public to oppose the measure by attending a protest in Letterkenny on Saturday week.

Deputy Pringle said: “The leaks have now started on the budget with the property tax details leaked today setting a rate of between 0.2-0.25%, meaning the average home owner will pay between €400-500, with the flat-rate tax being based on the market value of the house.

“There will be few exceptions to the property tax, with a ‘deferral’ for those on low incomes which, in reality, is a building up of debt for homeowners already in financial distress.

“Proposals make it appear that the household charge is being set a lower rate by the government to encourage people to pay by pitching this 0.2% figure which is actually a hefty sum for many. But it will be after the local elections in 2014 that the increases will really begin when Local Authorities will levy the charge.

“The Revenue is to collect the tax with it being very likely that they will have the same problem as the Local Government Management Agency in identifying the property owners and the 700,000 people who have refused to register for the household tax, making the implementation of this unfair tax very difficult. The self-assessment procedure is also very burdensome on those being dealt with the task to value their own homes with penalties applying if they don’t get it right.

“Minister Noonan has stated today that Budget 2013 will impact on those who can afford it, but we can see here that this is clearly not the case.

“I would call on all those against the household charge and the upcoming property tax to voice their opposition on Saturday, December 8 at 2pm at Mr Chippie car park in Letterkenny.”




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