Plans to celebrate Oatfield heritage with old factory signage

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Plans to use the old signage from the iconic OatfieldsSweet factory in Letterkenny as a way of celebrating a section of the towns industrial history, was tabled at the last ever meeting of Letterkenny Town Council.

Councillor Ciaran Brogan put forward the motion that they do so,along with the county museum and the current owners of the old Oatfield site, Donegal Investment Company.

The once famous factory has now been demolished and the manufacture of the sweets moved to the UK.

Cllr Brogan said now the building has been demolished they should ask the company what plans they have for the signage and urged them to use it to help create something to remember the business by.

“Everyone would be happy to seer it kept. A lot of people had close association with the old Oatfields factory and all the work from the McKinney family. Maybe it could be erected in one of our parks?” He suggested.

Cllr Dessie Larkin said it was a “sad day” when the recognisable brand left the town and suggested that the signage could potentially used on the roundabout beside the old factory site

Cllr Jim Lynch said it “saddens me deeply” to pass the demolished site which he said was a “horrible reminder of huge industrial heritage we had”.

Cllr Victor Fisher said it was “Sad to see what has happened” adding factory was a main power in the town. “I had two sisters worked there and everyone was happy there.”




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