“People must be given hope” - St. Vincent de Paul



The people of Donegal must be given a message of hope in 2014, according to Rosa Glacken, St. Vincent de Paul area president.

The charitable organisation has been extremely busy during Christmas.

“Reports on the ground are that there is a lot of need out there,” Rosa said.

“While there seems to be a bit of recovery out there, we are hoping that it transpires to Donegal. We are hoping for more job creation and investment in this county, because people here are suffering.”

The charity worker said the level of young people who have left the county continues to “shock” and families are missing their loved ones who have had to leave on account of work.

“Old people are also suffering,” Rosa added. “We are concerned for those who are living alone. We do try to reach out and to visit them but there are people that we may not be aware of. I do hope this year that funding towards their services are increased.”

She added that those filling out medical card documentation should ask for help.

“The squeezed middle income earners should also talk to us. These people find it more difficult due to a change in their circumstances. I am conscious that there may be people out there whose mortgages may have changed from being ‘interest only’ and this can cause a lot of concern in the home. We urge them to speak to us, just to share their worries. People find that it is a relief to speak to people and we can offer them some advice,” she said.

SVDP are also expecting “quite a few calls” as the weather begins to worsen. “Fuel is so expensive, especially since the smokeless fuel was introduced in urban areas. We are there to help,” Rosa said.




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