One Direction top search trend item in Donegal

One Direction - the most searched trenf in Donegal.

One Direction - the most searched trenf in Donegal.

The global success of boy band One Direction was reflected in Donegal, as they were the top trending search term among Donegal Internet surfers according to Google’s annual Zeitgeist released this week.

The Google Zeitgeist takes a look at the top trending and most popular search terms among Irish users on the Internet. It offers a unique reflection of what is occupying the hearts and minds of the Irish online. The top trending Donegal searches reveal that:

Donegal holiday makers research Paris and Barcelona the most while Kate Middleton is most searched person for Donegal web users using the Google search engine while Australia’s Home and away was themost popular soap.

There was also a huge demand for information on “How to make?” things and the Irish success at the Olympics also prompted huge numbers of searches from Donegal people using Google.

The Donegal Top Trending searches were:

One Direction


“How to Make?”


Kate Middleton

Home and Away


Olympics 2012

Euro 2012

AIB Internet

The global results have now been released by Google and can be viewed here

Meanwhile the overall trends for Ireland show that this summer Ireland had football fever and Euro 2012 was the number one trending search term in Ireland in 2012. With many loyal Irish football fans following the Ireland team to Poznan and Gdansk it also topped the top trending news search query.

Olympic Gold medalist and national hero Katie Taylor topped the trending people and Irish Olympians lists as well as featuring strongly in the trending searches list.

The death of music songstress Whitney Houston, The Green Mile actor Michael Clarke Duncan and the tragic deaths of Jill Meagher and Amanda Todd all trended in 2012.

Music success

On a lighter note x-factor success stories Little Mix and One Direction proved their popularity as both feature in the trending music bands list of 2012. However, the top spot goes to Irish band Kodaline, whose single All I want featured in the latest series of American drama Greys Anatomy while other Irish artists which featured include The Blizzards and Damien Dempsey.

Irish Models and Celebs

Chat show host Craig Doyle was the most searched for Irish celebrity in 2012, closely followed by Kerry a-lister Michael Fassbender. A star that took early retirement and who also makes the Top Trending Irish celebrity list, is former RTÉ news reader Anne Doyle who presented her final news broadcast on RTÉ Christmas Night 2011, 33 years to the day since she first appeared on national television.

Irish model Rosanna Davison topped the list of trending Irish models in 2012, the daughter of Chris de Burgh hit the headlines this year for her racy Playboy Germany photoshoot. Popular Irish model Georgia Salpa also made the list along with Faye Dinsmore who got engaged this year to Dublin Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave.

“How to..?” and “What is..?”

Last year we asked Google to show us how to dance, when the dance move ‘to shuffle’ topped the list of How to....? queries. However in 2012 our artistic and creative side shone through as we wanted to know, how to draw, how to knit and how to crochet. But romance and confusion reign as we also wanted to know how to kiss, how to flirt and from the What is...? list, our top trending query was What is love? A question that has confounded many for years.


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