‘On last legs but still expect service’, Ballyshannon Mayor

Ballyshannon Mayor Cllr. John Meehan

Ballyshannon Mayor Cllr. John Meehan

The Mayor of Ballyshannon, Cllr. John Meehan, has expressed dissatisfaction with the level of response from certain officials in the council’s waning days.

“We may be on our last legs but I don’t want council officials to hold us in contempt,” he told the town council meeting on Tuesday. “We were elected to serve and will serve to the day of the election.”

Cllr. Meehan made the comments after hearing that there had been no progress on the picnic area on the Donegal road or the walkway from the Leisure Centre to the footbridge. He said he was also unhappy that an official from Water and Environment did not attend the last Donegal Electoral Area Meeting despite having been asked to do so.

In relation to the picnic area, he commented: “I’m aware of legal issues regarding ownership but we’re heading into the 6th year and we’ve four months left for the town council. It’s an eyesore and I’m astounded that it’s taking so long. It’s actually embarrassing that we’ve heard nothing”. He asked for a full report on who had been contacted and the legal status of the land and the same for the walkway.

Cllr. Travers said lack of response was not new. “Pat and I have served 63 years on the council between us and it’s always been the same.”

Town Manager LIam Ward gave assurances that “there has been no dimunition in way councillors are perceived” and said he would pass on the concerns.




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