Mystery of the island giant

Cruit island 2011 (John Rafferty Photography 0868320007)

Cruit island 2011 (John Rafferty Photography 0868320007)

Sixty years on from his discovery by local workmen, the Cruit Island Giant continues to talk to us from his grave.

It was February, 1954 and a giant skeleton was found by workmen in West Donegal who were digging gravel from the ground for road repairs.

All these years later and the mystery surrounding the identity of this very tall young man has never been adequately explained. What is known is that he more than likely suffered from Pituitary Gigantism - a condition that results in sufferers dying in their late teens or early twenties.

As we approach the 60th anniversary of the giant’s discovery, a research team who have been studying how the condition occurs and what causes it, are taking steps which may lead to the exhuming of the skeleton.

After the discovery of the body in 1954, the local gardaí secured the scene and the local coroner, Dr. McGinley, was called to carry out a post mortem. A short time later the giant’s earthly remains were reinterred on the island in Cill Bhride cemetery, a short distance form where he was found.

Now the team of researchers are on the search for the copy of the coroner’s report. That will in turn allow them apply for permission to exhume the remains of the Cruit Island skeleton.





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