‘Moneyless Mark’ the Donegal man who plans to live in money-free community

Mark Boyle

Mark Boyle

The Donegal man who lived without money for three years is planning to expand his project and live with others in a money-free community.

Mark Boyle, who is from Ballyshannon, lived in a caravan on an English farm as part of an experiment to be self-sustaining and became known as the Moneyless Man.

He grew and foraged his own food and regenerated his own electricity by burning wood in an old gas cylinder.

The 34-year-old has now returned to using money as he plans to expand the project and live collectively with other.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Mr. Boyle, a business and economics graduate, said that he had never been happier, healthier and fitter after living without money. “I am looking at scaling up of what I was doing to a bigger level. To show something working not just with one guy in the woods with people with people who are doing it collectively.”

He gave up bank accounts all together during his period living without money so that he had no back up. “It was really important for me to give up bank accounts so I closed my bank accounts so there was no safety net. I think that’s the key. I think if I had a safety net I would not have got the benefits that I got from it. It was the fact that I knew I was living moment to moment, day to day

He said the hardest part were the first three months of living without money. “I come from a very conventional background. I was used to meeting my needs through money, like everyone else is. I did not have all the skills I needed at the start, so it took me a while to establish new things.”

The media attention around the project meant it was not as lonely an experience as he thought it might be.

“I was wishing it was going to be lonelier than it was sometimes, I was wishing for some space.”

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