Minister ‘deeply concerned’ at tapping

Minister for Health Dr James Reilly

Minister for Health Dr James Reilly

The Health Minister, James Reilly, says he’s “deeply concerned” that all phone calls, including internal one, were recorded at the HSE’s Ambulance Centre in Ballyshannon.

In an interview on Highland Radio today, he told Shaun Doherty that the problem arose because the recording device applied to the fibre optic cable “carried everything”.

This he said “was not the intention”.

He added: “ The intention was to record 999 calls etc.”

The minister said he takes the matter “extremely seriously” and an independent expert has been brought in to insist with an investigation.

“There is an investigation up and running already involving an outside expert, an independent expert, whose been engaged to assist with the review.

“I would be deeply concerned that there would be any breach of the Data Act here.

“I take it extremely seriously and, until I am assured that nothing untoward has happened as a consequence of this, or that people haven’t misused the information, I won’t be happy.”




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