Making Donegal more age friendly

Cllr Ian McGarvey. (1902GM10)

Cllr Ian McGarvey. (1902GM10)

On Tuesday last the first of a series of consultation meetings took place with the aim of listening to the voice of older people and hearing their thoughts on what it is like to be an older person living in County Donegal.

Following this consultation process a plan will be developed which will aim to make the Donegal a more Age Friendly Place to live.

Mayor Ian McGarvey was on hand to launch the consultation process and said: “It is wonderful to see the older people in County Donegal will have a say in how their County is planned for in the future. It is so important that we feel that we can continue to make a contribution to our community, no matter what age we are. The Donegal Age County Programme Alliance is empowering older people to continue to play an active role in their community.”

The Chair of the Donegal Age Friendly Alliance, County Manager Seamus Neely said: “Today we in County Donegal are embarking on a journey to and we will spent the next number of months engaging with and listening to older people across the County.

“We will then know what matters to the older members of our communities on issues such as public transport, access to quality healthcare, opportunities to socialise and stay connected, and public spaces where they can walk and talk and feel safe.

“Donegal is one of many counties in Ireland that are part of the Age Friendly Counties Programme. The Age Friendly County Programme is working to make Ireland one of the best places in the world in which to grow old. The Programme aims to see all older people living in Ireland enjoying a good quality of life and to participate fully in their communities.”


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