Lotto luck strikes on the double as Frankie goes to Hollywood (and San Francisco)

"Would you be interested in going to San Francisco?" Winning Streak and Lotto winner Frankie O'Gorman chats with Marie Ryan PRO with the Donegal Association shortly after he discovered he had won a fantastic prize to San Fran. 0603 INDD 18 Donegal MVB.JPG

Popular Bundoran man Frankie O’Gorman really is a lucky guy - and that’s official.

One of the early winners of the National Lottery back in the late 1980’s, Frankie has had a few near misses since then with five numbers, but last weekend he landed a very nice lottery prize.

While atending the Donegal Person of the Year event in the Regency Hotel in Dublin, Frankie’s mobile began to start hopping with texts and the question was: ‘So Frankie who are you going to bring with you to San Fran?’

Frankie hadn’t a notion for a few minutes why he was being asked that question, but quickly discovered that he had won an all expenses paid luxury trip for two to San Francisco and €2,500 spending money.

The trip will be hosted by Marty Whelan.

“I couldn’t believe it, I thought some of my friends were having me on, but sure enough, I got confirmation and I’m looking forward to the trip.”


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