‘London’ elects Letterkenny man

A Letterkenny man is humbled by the huge number of people who came out to vote for him during the recent elections in the borough of Islington, London.

Troy Gallagher topped the poll and was elected on the first count, polling 1,762 votes. Party colleagues, Claudia Naomi Webbe and Robert khan were also elected.

“It was a good result. It was a bit tense because this year we had a UKIP candidate against us,” Troy said.

He said that the polls showed that he and his colleagues had garnered good support in the local area. “Clearly, a lot of people supported me and my colleagues. My mother, Girlie Gallagher and my sister Kerry came over to support me,” he said.

This is Mr. Gallagher’s second term running as a councillor in England. In 2006, the Human Resource (HR) manager ran for election and lost out on a seat by a mere 63 votes.

Troy has a healthy interest in Irish politics but has not, as yet, decided to return to his home town and run for election.

“I haven’t considered coming home. However, a fresh approach to politics in Letterkenny and Ireland would be a good thing. You do find yourself reading the newspapers and disagreeing with Irish politicians. People don’t actually have to sit back and take all these cuts,” he said.

People from Letterkenny and Donegal live in the area that Troy represents at council. The Donegal man does all he can to help people when they arrive in the city to live.

“Many people come here with no idea of where to go and what to do. They need to be given paperwork and advice. It’s good to have someone here who understands the system,” he said.

Much of the councillor’s time is spent working in the his local area.

Two years after being elected, he was given the position of being the party’s Irish Community Liaison Officer (ICLO) in London and since then he has proved to be a vital link to those who travel to London. He is exceptionally passionate about social justice.




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