Ongoing anti-social behaviour in Letterkenny, including all night drinking sessions in public locations around the town has prompted the local Community Residents Group to organise a meeting this week to highlight collective concerns.

Residents have been urged to attend the get-together in the Orchard Inn tomorrow night to discuss proposals to deal with the problems. The neglect of private rented accommodation in some estates will also be on the agenda with the organisers calling on landlords to take more responsibility in relation to the local environment.

“What we want is for ordinary residents to come together and formulate a plan to see what can be done about these issues,” Community Residents Group representative, Francis McCafferty said yesterday.

Pointing out that the anti-social behaviour amounted to “nuisance problems”, he maintained: “While we don’t want to scapegoat anybody, we do have problems where youngsters are hanging around public areas drinking into the early hours.

“There are particular problems in green areas such as Ballyboe with a lot of noise at night particularly at the weekends. It’s something that must be tackled and we hope this meeting will help to do that,” Mr. McCafferty added.

The group representative also said that local residents associations have been finding it impossible to get in contact with landlords to persuade them to tidy up their particular properties. “These Residents Associations are doing everything to keep their estates tidy and paying money towards the upkeep. But they feel it’s a wasted effort when some of the private rented accommodation is not being maintained.”

Tomorrow night’s meeting, which is scheduled to take place in the Orchard Inn with a starting time of 8 p.m., arises out of concerns highlighted by the community group at previous meetings.

“We haven’t invited Gardai or other authorities along because we just want to get the views of the residents before putting some sort of plan of action together. It gives a platform to the residents to air their problems and their opinions.”

Commenting on the problems relating to all-night drinking, local councillor Neil Clarke said the whole drinking culture had changed in towns such as Letterkenny. “People aren’t going to the pubs anymore and instead are congregating in houses or some of the open spaces around. This has certainly contributed to the problems involved.

“People have to realise that their freedom ends when they do something that interferes with someone else’s,” he indicated.


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