Latest Garda whistleblower is based in Donegal

Garda crest

Garda crest

The latest Garda whistlblower, who is expected to hand confidential files of complaints to the Garda confidential recipient today, is based in south Donegal.

A serving garda, he is alleging that he came under pressure from within the force and was treated as a pariah by his colleagues after the arrest.

Pearse Doherty, Sinn Féin TD for Donegal South West, will name the garda, possibly today, in Dáil Eireann, using parliamentary privilege to do so. He’s also likely to read the allegations being made into the record. It is expected Mr Doherty will do so during a Dáil debate on the Guerin Report.

Yesterday, Mr Doherty confirmed to the Donegal Democrat he has been working with the garda who intends to give a file of his complaints to the acting Garda confidential recipient, retired judge Patrick McMahon, today. The garda approached him over a month ago with concerns he wished to raise.

Mr Doherty refused to confirm Donegal Democrat sources that have suggested the garda is based in south Donegal. “I have held a series of meetings with this man over the past month and more and I have built up a trust with him, so until I do so in Dáil Eireann, I cannot confirm where he or she is from,” he said.

The Donegal whistleblower, it is understood, will claim colleagues told him he had made “a fatal mistake” by arresting and charging another member of the force for drunk driving.

Yesterday the Irish Times reported: “One source familiar with the case said: ‘This man had a great career but everything changed for him after this arrest. On the night he brought the plainclothes garda in on this charge colleagues told him he had done the wrong thing. They said he had made a fatal mistake. He came under pressure immediately’.”

For more see today’s Donegal Democrat.


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