Killybegs kindness returns lost wallet

Kind hearted people drove a grey Mercedes.

Kind hearted people drove a grey Mercedes.

A well-known Irish writer has highlighted the kindness of strangers, after her son lost his cash-filled wallet in Donegal only for the finder to go to great lengths to return it.

We would love to know if you can help us find out who these heros are.

Irish Time’s columnist Hillary Fannin recent penned an article about her 17-year-old son’s adventures on holiday in Killybegs.

While they were waiting with a friend on the bus in Killybegs to connect to the Dublin bus home, two kind strangers driving a grey Mercedes car offered them a lift to catch the Dublin bus.

The column explains: “My son and his friend were a little knackered from their 48 hours of socialising and were possibly not in the best state for a last-minute chase for the bus. So they were suitably grateful when a grey Mercedes pulled up and offered them a lift. The couple in the car were from the area and the talk was about football and local sporting heroes. Thanks to their kindly intervention, the boys made it on to the Dublin bus.”

After they left the Mercedes couple, the young visitor noticed he had lost his wallet containing €150 he had worked hard for in the run up to his holiday.

Ms Fannin then contacted the Killybegs post office and gardaí in Ballyshannon to see if it had been handed in at any point and despite their kindness, there was no sign of the wallet.

But the big-hearted couple who offered the lads the lift went a step further with a generous act that saw the wallet returned to its rightful owner.

“While he was on the Donegal-Dublin bus, the couple in the Mercedes, having found his wallet, returned to the spot where they had picked him up and asked around until they found the house the kids were staying in. They then gave the wallet and its contents to another young friend who hadn’t yet left.

“My son couldn’t believe his luck, and I was uplifted by a generosity of spirit that doesn’t need a website to ignite it. Whoever you are, Mr and Mrs Grey Car, thank you. Sincerely. Your kindness is inspiring,” she wrote.

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