Keadue man pays additional compensation to victims

A 22-year-old young man was given a three month suspended sentence which as suspended for two years for a series of offences that took place between February 1 and March 13, 2012.

Ryan Boyle with an address of Lower Keadue was present in Dungloe District Court on Monday last to offer €1,500 as compensation in addition to €1,600 he had already paid the court.

Judge Paul Kelly said that the offences which involved a series of houses, parked cars and garden sheds had been broken into had caused distress to the people of the community.

However, he did add that Boyle had expressed regret in the probation report and had since distanced himself from the gang. He added that he had also paid substantial compensation and had gainful employment.

Inspector David Kelly said the additional payment of €1,500 compensation made to the court by Boyle would be divided in 12 parts for the victims.

An earlier court was told that a gang of up to nine or 10, mainly teenagers, stole heating oil from homes to sell for cash, parts from parked cars to fit on to their own vehicles and raided holiday homes.




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