Inspections at Killybegs fish plants

An aerial view of Killybegs harbour

An aerial view of Killybegs harbour

Officials carried out surprise inspections at a number of fish processing plants in Killybegs today (Tuesday).

A spokesperson for the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) told the Democrat that it carried out the inspections in conjunction with the National Standards Authority of Ireland, the Gardaí and the Naval Services.

The SFPA spokesperson continued: “The inspections, which relate to the accurate weighing of fish following transport from the place of landing, were conducted in association with the EU fishery regulations which require all fishery products to be weighed immediately on landing. However, a derogation allows the weighing to take place after transport – typically at processing establishments – provided the SFPA is satisfied with the accuracy of those weighing systems.”

As part of its statutory remit, the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) carries out official controls to ensure the accuracy of fish-weighing systems operated in SFPA-permitted premises. This enables SFPA to ensure that national quotas are fairly, continually and sustainably managed – thereby helping to support the livelihoods of some 7,000 Irish fishing industry workers, the vast majority of whom operate within the requirements of the EU Common Fisheries Policy.




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