Health Forum told Home Help cuts are wrong

Elderly people living on their own are suffering stress as a result of receiving letters about proposed cuts to their home help service, a Donegal member of the HSE’s regional health forum has said.

Cllr. Ciaran Brogan seconded a motion at a recent meeting of the forum calling for the minister for health not to cut funding for Home Help hours and Home Care Packages for older people who wish to continue to live in their homes.

Cllr. Brogan said people in their late eighties were receiving letters telling them their home help hours are going to be cut.

“One thing we are obliged to do is to protect our elderly,” he said. “Eighty-five and 87-year-olds are receiving letters about home help hours being cut and that is wrong in every sense of the word.

“A lot of good work is being done in the HSE but this is ill-thought out and there has to be more thought to the approach that is gone on.”

He said the health minister had admitted to members of the health forum that the cuts had no hope of achieving what they were supposed to.

“Elderly people living on their own are content at home and are more able there. If they are not getting that help then they could fall ill and end up in a community hospital where they are going to need far more care.”




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