Harte welcomes Enterprise funding - €340,000 for Donegal

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Senator Jimmy Harte has welcomed the announcement by Minister for Small Business, John Perry TD, of €3.78 million extra funding for County and City Enterprise Boards (CEBs) to assist in job creation.

The funding is provided in response to specific requests from CEBs to meet identified demand and is in addition to €15million in capital funding already provided to CEB this year.

Senator Harte said: “the Award of €340, 000 for Donegal, with the potential of creating an additional 57 jobs is a welcome boost for the county”.

He added: “I had a meeting with John Trethowan of the Credit Review Board last week who said the CEBS are vital to assisting SME’s and Farmers to access credit from the banks. The need for additional funding demonstrates vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in the workforce.”

Minister Perry said: “It is well established that a huge proportion of jobs in this country are held in small, local enterprises. These companies are the lifeblood that is playing a key role in helping to restore our economy to a healthier footing. The Government recognises the importance of this role and so my Department has secured additional capital funding for the County and City Enterprise Boards (CEBs) that will support and encourage these companies to start-up or expand their services and thereby create and sustain jobs around the country.”

This announcement follows an exercise in which each CEB was asked to examine the funding it currently has available and to determine whether this was sufficient to cover the project proposals coming to them over the rest of the year.




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