Gas flares from Corrib rig

Corrib flare brightens Atlantic skyline.

Corrib flare brightens Atlantic skyline.


A 40 metre gas flare from the Ocean Guardian drilling rig lights up the Atlantic skyline during a well production test at the Corrib field, 80kms off the Irish coastline.

Killbegs and Donegal airport in Carrickfinn are both key hub links to the project.

Recently gas was flared for a 24 hour period to confirm the production capacity of the completed P6 well.

The rig has been serviced by helicopter flights from Donegal Airport and materials have been shipped to the field through Killybegs port.

This successful test means all five Corrib wells are now ready to flow.

Shell E&P Ireland Limited expects the Corrib field, which will provide up to 60% of Ireland’s daily gas needs, to come on-stream by mid-2015.




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