Former traffic warden has summoned DPP to prove she wasn’t breaking the law

Patricia McCafferty

Patricia McCafferty

A former traffic warden accused of harassing her successor has summoned Director of Public Prosecutions Claire Loftus to prove she

wasn’t breaking any law.

Patricia McCafferty, accused of harassing Bundoran town traffic warden Eddie Duffy, was granted a court adjournment on Monday to

establish why the DPP didn’t respond to the summons.

Judge Mary Devins had adjourned the case from October for a decision at Donegal District Court.

But when the case was called she was told Ms McCafferty sent a summons to the DPP by registered post on February 28 and it was

received on March 4.

Inspector Goretti Sheridan said she had no instructions on why the DPP hadn’t responded.

Judge Devins said the DPP’s attitude had to be ascertained. She said it “would have been helpful” and courteous if there was

acknowledgement of the witness summons from the DPP.

The hearing was adjourned until Ballyshannon District Court on June 6 after Ms McCafferty, 40, said she was running in the local

elections in May and was considering running in the European elections

as well.

Outside the court Ms McCaffetty said she wanted the DPP as a witness to prove she wasn’t breaking any law and the case was an abuse

of power by the gardai.

The earlier hearing was told by Ms McCafferty that she recorded her successor carrying out his job and posted clips of him on

YouTube after hearing complaints about him when she canvassed for election.

She said that when she ran as a candidate in the Donegal Co. Council and Bundoran Town Council local elections in 2009, she was

approached by members of the public who raised concerns about the way Mr Duffy carried out his duties.

She said: “I took it upon myself to educate people because they have a right to know what’s happening. When I worked for the council,

I was told that the public had a right to photograph or video me.”

Eddie Duffy told the October hearing that Ms McCafferty repeatedly photographed and videoed him at work. His children told him

there was a video of him on YouTube walking by certain cars outside Bundoran council offices and a second claiming he was stopped on

double yellow lines while checking a ticket machine.

The court has heard that Ms McCafferty worked for Bundoran Town Council from 2000 to 2007 when she was dismissed for claiming that the

local authority was “corrupt”.

She is accused of harassment on eight different dates between April 17 and September 16, 2012 at Finner and Drumacrin in Bundoran.


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