Former employee stages sit-in

A former worker at a community development group is staging at sit-in at the premises.

Anne McGowan, a project co-ordinator with Atlantic View CDP in Ballyshannon, lost her job when the organisation closed down on November 29. She had worked there for more than eleven years.

Yesterday morning, she locked herself into the office, insisting that she will not budge until she receives the redundancy payment she believes she is entitled to.

“This is not the kind of thing anyone wants to do, least of all at this time of year. I will stay here as long as it takes, right through Christmas if needs be,” she told the Donegal Democrat.

The Board of Directors of Atlantic View CDP met last night and issued the following statement this morning. “As previously arranged, full redundancy will be paid to our employee. Part-payment has already been issued and final payment will be made early in the New Year.

“The voluntary board regrets that our employee will be made redundant on 31 December, due to the winding up of operations at Atlantic View.”


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