Footpath concerns on Letterkenny's Lower Main Street

The condition of uneven footpaths on Letterkenny's Lower Main Street was called into question at the recent monthly meeting of Letterkenny Town Council.

Councillor Gerry McMonagle tabled a motion asking that the Council replace the paving at Lower Main Street from the Wolfe Tone Bar to the junction with Oldtown Road as it was in “a bad state of repair”.

“The state of this pavement is very dangerous and it seems to be flooding a lot. When water gets underneath the pavement, it shifts the slabs and has left it all higgledy-piggledy,” he said.

He insisted the Town Engineer needs to look at what type of other paving could be put down so that rain water doesn’t shift its foundations.

“For the cost of replacing them, we could be out that much with a couple of claims. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the safety of the people using this pavement,” he added.

Seconding the motion, Cllr Dessie Larkin stated: “With the frost we have had over recent weeks and the wetness, this stretch of pavement has become like a slalom. You’re really running the gauntlet trying to walk down it, particularly in frost it is highly dangerous.”

He also called for the re-paving to be carried out from Larkin’s Lane to the corner past Josie’s Bar.

“We need to bite the bullet on this one and address it through the maintenance budget. We have removed these smaller slabs from Upper Main Street and the Market Square and it has been of huge benefit.”

Cllr. Jean Crossan said there was a “pending disaster” if the Council did not address the issues with this footpath as soon as possible.

While Cllr. Frank Gallagher supported the motion, he expressed concern at replacing the paving beyond the Wolfe Tone Bar. “Most of these house are for sale and they will be demolished. I don’t believe in throwing good money after bad and these places are going to be knocked down.”

Mayor Victor Fisher claimed that when workmen were replacing paving slabs at Upper Main Street, outside his shop, they told him that if the slabs at Lower Main Street had been installed properly, they would not have sunk.


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